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Nautic Pro

Highly ergonomical, professional helmsman chair in a premium design. Corresponds to the highest standards of ergonomics, comfort and functionality. With just a few adjustments, it turns into a fully customized wheelhouse chair that precisely meets every captain´s individual requirements. The innovative ergonomic basic shape and easy-to-use controls promote a healthy posture at all times. This seat corresponds to the highest military standards of ergonomics. Also available as a suspended helmchair.

Serial Features

High comfort-backrest
Foldable armrests
Seat angle adjustment
Adjustable backrest
Seat rotates 360°
Foldable footrest
Fabric or real leather, black


Electrical height adjustment
Seat heater
Custom upholstery 


Deck rail
Controller equipped armrest –
see Commander M – XXL
Seat top only for direct mounting or mounted on box – see  Nautic Star CrewNew Link

Drawings, 3D-data, individual leaflets and certificates
for all seats available. Contact our sales-team for support!