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Shock and vibration testing of Cleemann functional chairs (operator seats)

What is a shock test?
A shock test simulates the impact on a functional chair of a force with a defined shock wave followed by a counter wave. Acceleration Levels up to 120 g are the result; these are comparable to the force resulting from the detonation of awater bomb or a see mine!

What was tested?
The following functional chairs were tested
Nautic Star · Nautic Air · Operator IMO from the company Cleemann Chair-Systems GmbH.

Where was the test carried out?
The seats were tested at the German armed forces test stand of the Bundeswehr Technical Center (WTD) for Ships and Naval Weapons inKiel/ Germany.

How were the tests carried out?
The Cleemann functional chairs were subjected to shock and vibration tests according to the test instructions of the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Ships and Naval Weapons (WTD 71). A Hybrid-III dummy weighing 90 kg occupied the seat during the test. During the shock test, the momentum and accelerations levels to which the dummy was subjected were measured both horizontally andvertically and evaluated by WTD 91-GF440 (ergonomics).

What was the result?
After performing the tests, WTD 71 arrived at the following overall assessment: “The evaluation of the shock and vibration tests shows that required threshold values were not exceeded. No visible mechanical damage to the seats could be detected. The dummy was not exposed to dangerous levels of strain.Accordingly, the results achieved give no reason to expect the risk of human injury.”